Each employee who internalized the ADO group ethical principles and work ethic;


Must inform the relevant parties through the form below; in case they witness or hear about any internal and/or external abuse, thievery, bribery or other non-ethical behaviors, which affect/will affect the company assets, financial structure, working environment or the company's reputation in a negative manner.


The notifying parties do not have any obligations to provide any information to allow authorities to contact them such as their name, telephone number or e-mail address. However, such information can be provided if one wishes to do so.



- The notifying parties are kept confidential under all conditions or circumstances and are not disclosed in any way or form – 



The following matters must be taken into account while preparing the notification letter:


  • The content of the notification must be clear.

  • The possibility of such action which is the subject of the notification happening must be stated.

  • Instigators/persons involved in such action which is the subject of the notification must be stated.

  • Tangible evidence (date of occurrence, amount etc., invoices, documents) or information leading to such evidence must be provided.


Notification Line Telephone Number: (0 242 236 1033)



Notification Line

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