About Us

Deckado Modular Flooring is a trademark of Adopen.


With the modular flooring solutions it provides, it is a certified organization with the quality certificates obtained from international measurement and standardization institutions.


In today's world where environmental awareness is increasing day by day, composite wood steps forward as the most environmentally friendly choice for outdoor flooring applications. Deckado is an excellent composite wood product combining efficiency, environmental compliance and high quality with its advanced and innovative manufacturing technology. For Deckado, protecting the environment and handling raw materials with an environmentally conscious manner is at least as important as the superior quality of its Composite deck products. Due to high weathering arising from climatic conditions; surface resistance, longevity and durability are quality factors that play an important part in outdoor settings.


A nice breakfast on your terrace, barbecue at sunset, enjoying the sun by the pool lying on your sun lounger, or a relaxing walk in your garden after a hard day's work... Even though your outdoor systems are regularly exposed to heavy abrasions after these joyful moments, Deckado modular flooring solutions withstand many difficulties.



  • Resistant to natural elements, as it is made of composite materials.

  • Environmentally friendly, as it is made of recyclable materials. 

  • Impervious to moisture and water. It does not gather moss.

  • Impact resistant.

  • Maintenance is not required.

  • Saves up on workmanship costs due to easy installation.

  • Has a decorative appearance.

  • Can be painted and polished.

  • Can be manufactured in all sizes.

  • Prevents slipping.

  • Areas of Use:

  • Terraces

  • Pool Sides

  • Beaches

  • Catwalks

  • Garden Trails

  • Walking Trails

  • Winter Gardens

  • Porches

  • Open Areas