Award to Adopen by journalists

Adopen, the leading industrial organization of Antalya was honoured with special award of Antalya Association of Journalists. The press awards are given for professional successes by the press-media members of the association every year. This year’s awards have been announced as a result of the meticulous evaluation of the jury, consisting of elite members. Adopen was considered eligible for the award. The award decision related with Adopen was announced with the following statement: “This year, Antalya Association of Journalist has decided to give the corporate special award to Adopen for the contribution it gave to the development of our society and the profession of journalism; also to the economic development, advertisement, and the brand value of the city of Antalya.” Mustafa Sak, CEO of Adopen who made an announcement upon the decision stated that; “Adopen feels honoured for this award given by our journalist friends and their elite organization, Antalya Association of Journalist. All institutions and brands under the Ado Group have activities everywhere in the world and represent the name of our great country with honour. In addition to this, it gives us a special responsibility that we were born in a world city like Antalya. We pursue developing without ignoring Antalya and the people in the region in all kinds of our activities. We believe in that the organizations will contribute to the humanity culture in the universal dimension as much as the contribution to their own environment”.